Our SPM Conference and Users Meeting will be held on 4th and 5th of December 2018 in Coventry.

We invite all researchers using or interested in Scanning Probe Microscopy techniques to our SPM conference and training day. This year we extend a warm welcome particularly to JPK AFM and Anasys nanoIR nanoscale infrared spectroscopy users. 

The AFM Training day is followed by an early Christmas Dinner Party for all delegates - be ready for some fun surprises!

The second conference day focuses on invited talks covering latest research exploiting SPM, poster sessions and an AFM image competition.

There will be plenty of networking opportunities with fellow researchers and for one-on-one discussions with our experts - book a slot in advance!


SPM Training Day

Tuesday 4th December 2018
There will be 2-4 training sessions to choose to attend on the training day. See detailed information on the training sessions here.

Early Christmas Dinner

Tuesday 4th December 2018
starting from 7 pm
Not your normal Christmas Dinner -All revealed closer to the event!

SPM Users Conference

Wednesday 5th December 2018
Presentations and networking opportunities. Please submit a poster or participate in AFM image competition to win some cool prizes.

Invited Speakers

Dr Alexandre Dazzi | Université Paris-Sud
Professor of University, Laboratoire de Chimie Physique d'Orsay 

Talk: AFM-IR: when AFM meets IR

Dr Guillaume Charras | University College London
Professor of Cell and Tissue Biophysics

Talk: Probing the mechanics of living cells and tissues using AFM


Dr Neil Wilson | University of Warwick
Reader in Microscopy Group, Physics Department

Talk: Probing structure and properties in 2D materials


Dr Francesco Simone Ruggeri | University of Cambridge
Junior Research fellow at Darwin College, Research fellow at Department of Chemistry & Center for Misfolding disease

Talk: Single molecule AFM-based methods for protein science

Dr Kar-Narayan | University of Cambridge
Associate Professor in Department of Materials Science

Talk: Nanoscale electromechanical characterization of functional nanomaterials

Dr Ralf Richter | University of Leeds
Associate professor at University of Leeds

Talk: Mechanics of glycan-rich cell coats – from molecules to tissues

Prof Thomas Thomson | University of Manchester
Professor of Computer Engineering

Talk: Magnetic force microscopy study of FeRh thin films and nanowires

Prof Jamie Hobbs | University of Sheffield
Director of the Krebs Institute
Talk: Using atomic force microscopy to understand living systems: from bacteria to complex tissue
About Registration
The event costs £60 per person including Training sessions, Christmas Dinner and Conference fees and refreshments.
Please make your payment by bank transfer, Bruker will issue you an invoice. Click here to download our company information regarding the payment.
Fees does not include hotel and transport fees.
Please think about booking your hotel early.
Event contact:
Louise Bryant
Boume Boudjelida