In-Situ Nanomechanical Testing
Microscopy & Microanalysis 2020 - Exhibitor Spotlight Session

In-Situ Nanomechanical Testing of Superalloys at 1000°C using the Hysitron PI 88 SEM PicoIndenter

The Hysitron PI 88 SEM PicoIndenter is a comprehensive in-situ nanomechanical test instrument for use inside your SEM and FIBSEM. Built upon Bruker's leading-edge capacitive transducer technology, the PI 88 SEM PicoIndenter gives researchers an advanced instrument that delivers extraordinary performance and versatility. With regards to versatility, the modular design supports our full suite of testing techniques, now including high temperature, scratch testing, 5-axis sample positioning with rotation and tilt stage (RT stage), electrical characterization, dynamic fatigue testing, and an interchangeable extended range (500 mN, 150 µm) transducer.

In this demonstration, we will show a configuration combining the high temperature and RT stage capabilities of PI 88 SEM PicoIndenter. An integrated 1000°C high-temperature stage and an active 1000°C tip heater will be used to conduct uniaxial compression of micro-pillars prepared from René N5 superalloy. This material is commonly used for turbine components which are expected to endure extreme combined temperatures and stresses. In-situ SEM high-temperature tests are particularly synergistic as both high resolution, real-time deformation of the sample can be observed and the high-vacuum environment will limit oxidation of the sample. Limiting oxidation is especially important for high-temperature testing of metals, and thus enables the measurement of the true mechanical properties of localized, microscale regions of the sample. As this is just one of the possible configurations and corresponding applications, a more general overview of the Hysitron PI 88 SEM PicoIndenter and its unique capabilities will also be presented.

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