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Multiphoton Microscopy

This e-book introduces various multiphoton techniques, looking in detail at multiphoton microscope functionality, including the different imaging modes and sources of image contrast. It includes a detailed explanation of typical instrument operation, with focus on the importance of the laser source. The e-book goes on to detail the specific requirements for different fields of research and to offer solutions to the universal challenges of imaging live samples and dynamic biological processes.

Also included are several case studies demonstrating how multiphoton microscopy is currently being used by researchers working in diverse fields such as neuroscience, cancer and immunology.

The e-book closes with a glance into the future of multiphoton microscopy with new and brighter fluorophores, longer wavelengths for deeper imaging, exciting new applications in neuroscience including simultaneously activating and imaging specific neuronal populations, and lasers powerful enough to permit the simultaneous absorption of three or more photons.

Multiphoton Microscopy e-book