Thursday, August 5, 2021
8AM PDT | 10AM CDT | 11PM EDT | 5PM GMT+1

Atomic force microscopy (AFM) is a well-established technique for probing the mechanical properties of materials at the nanoscale. For proper quantification of these mechanical measurements, non-resonant AFM modes have several important advantages, including clean separation of modulus versus adhesion. Specifically, Bruker’s PeakForce Tapping and AFM-nDMA modes provide quantitative and comprehensive measurements of elastic modulus and viscoelastic behavior of soft matter. This webinar will introduce Ringing Mode and discuss how this new mode extends PeakForce Tapping to enable, for the first time, enhanced surface adhesion property mapping.

Developed by Nanoscience Solutions, Inc., Ringing Mode delivers 8 new quantitative compositional imaging channels that expand PeakForce QNM nanomechanical studies and provide unique insights into processes, such as polymer necking or the distribution and length of surface coating molecules. Integrated as a single operational mode on Bruker AFMs, Ringing Mode and PeakForce QNM together provide a comprehensive solution for nanoscale characterization of soft matter.

Featured Presenters

  • Prof. Igor Sokolov
    Mechanical Engineering Department, Tufts University
    Chief Technical Officer, Nanoscience Solutions, Inc.
  • Bede Pittenger, Ph.D.
    Senior Development Applications Scientist, Bruker
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