Wednesday, April 14


The ability of atomic force microscopy (AFM) to obtain topography images with nanometer-scale resolution, even in physiological conditions remains unmatched by other imaging techniques. However, the latest AFMs offer a wide range of additional benefits beyond topography: from fast scanning enabling measurement of sample dynamics, to enhanced Z range for indentation/ adhesion and quantification of mechanical properties of samples. In some cases, even chemical specificity can now be obtained simultaneously alongside simple topography.

During this virtual workshop, we will be joined by Laurene Tetard, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Nanoscience Technology Center, UCF who will share her research and introduce the general concept of multifrequency AFM operation for multi-functional imaging and spectroscopy.

Samrat Dutta, Ph.D., Sales Application Scientist, Bruker will then share the latest advances in Bruker’s BioAFMs focusing on nanomechanical studies utilizing Bruker’s NanoWizard AFM platform, and dynamic studies using Bruker’s NanoRacer AFM.

During the live demonstration, we will cover:

  • Basic imaging of tissue, cell, molecular samples
  • Measuring quantified mechanical properties of samples, such as hydrogels
  • High-speed measurements of molecular samples

Please download the Program Flyer for details and talk abstracts.

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