Webinar Studying Motor Proteins

Thursday, September 3rd | 8AM PDT | 11AM EDT | 5PM CEST

Join us for this live webinar and learn how the Nobel prize-winning Optical Tweezers (OT) methodology has developed from proof-of-principle experiments into an established quantitative technique, with applications ranging from (bio)physics to cell biology. The following topics will be covered:

NanoTracker 2: An overview, from single molecules to its combination with AFM
Speaker: Dr Vitaliy Oliynyk, Senior Application Scientist, Bruker JPK BioAFM

Optical Tweezers in Life Science: Studying Motor-Proteins
Speaker: Dr Todd Fallesen, Francis Crick Institute, London

Live, hands-on Demo with NanoTracker 2
JPK BioAFM Labs, Bruker, Berlin

Dr Oliynyk will give an overview of applications for optical tweezers in scientific research. Using the NanoTracker 2, he will illustrate their use in single-molecule force-spectroscopy and live cell manipulations and measurements.

We are pleased to have Dr Todd Fallesen, Francis Crick Institute, London, as a guest speaker to join us for this event. He will focus on applications of biophysical relevance and discuss how the quantitative insights obtained using optical tweezers and other microscopy techniques have advanced our understanding of bidirectional molecular motor-proteins. He will elucidate how optical tweezers can be used to characterize in great detail the contribution of individual bidirectional motor proteins in ensemble force-generation.

This will be followed by a virtual, hands-on demo on the NanoTracker 2, live from the JPK BioAFM labs in Berlin, where you can follow a typical workflow, from sample and experiment preparation through to force-spectroscopy data collection and analysis. After each section, you can have your questions answered live by the speakers.


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