Wednesday, July 22nd


Join us for an engaging two-hour symposium on the latest in polymeric applications and research. During the live event we will discuss these topics with our guest speakers:

  • High-resolution electrical characterization with KPFM and TUNA provide insight into material performance and help to optimize organic photovoltaics and Li-ion batteries.
  • Applications of AFM in characterizing the mechanical properties and chemistry for development of new materials and troubleshooting production issues for the polymers materials industry.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of common AFM modes when applied to polymers and composites.
  • Practical considerations like probe selection and system calibration.


We are pleased to have these distinguished guest speakers join us for the event.

Atomic Force Microscopy in the Polymer Materials Industry | Dr. Gregory Meyers, The Dow Chemical Company

Nanoscale Electrical Characterization of Organic and Hybrid Materials for Energy Harvesting Applications | Prof. Philippe Leclere, University of Mons

A Selection of Modes and Methods for SPM Research of Polymers | Dr. Bede Pittenger, Bruker


Following presentations from our guest speakers we will have live in-lab demonstrations of the techniques and modes featured.

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