Thursday, June 25th @ 2PM CEST - 8AM EDT


Join us for this two-hour mini-symposium, led by experts in the field, to discuss in situ tensile testing in the transmission and scanning electron microscopes. 

The tensile test is the standard mechanical test for determining Young’s modulus, yield strength, work hardening, and more.  These tests are more challenging than their peers to perform at nano- and micromechanical length scales, requiring advanced sample preparation and positioning.  In 2006, researchers using Bruker’s Hysitron Picoindenter tools were the first to enable in situ quantitative testing, originally in the TEM, followed shortly in the SEM.  Indentation, compression, and tensile modes as standard on the original PI-95 led to a wave of in situ publications. In this symposium, the focus is on re-creating a uniaxial strain using both direct pull with tensile actuation of the transducer, and the patented Push-to-Pull MEMS chip. 

We welcome these experts to present data from the past, present, and future of in situ tensile testing in the SEM and TEM.

What In Situ Tensile Testing in the TEM and SEM - EAST
When Jun 25 2020 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)
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