Online Lab on BioAFM, High-Speed AFM and Cell Mechanics
Thursday, June 18th | 10AM PDT | 1PM EDT | 7PM CEST

Join our team of applications scientists in the BioAFM laboratories in Berlin (Germany) for an live laboratory session on our state-of-the-art instruments!


You will have the opportunity to request samples, settings and modes online and have your questions answered in real time. This experimental session will focus on AFM on biological specimen, single-molecule high-speed AFM and Cellular Mechanobiology. The entire experiment will be performed live, from preparation, to probe selection, parameter settings and data analysis.

A few good reasons to join:

  • A team of specialists will answer your question in real time
  • The opportunity to request your sample for a live experiment
  • Latest Bruker BioAFM and high-speed AFM equipment ready to operate for you
  • Possibility to share your data for further discussions and analysis
  • Attendees will be able to raise their hand, ask questions and add comments at any time during the session

If you would like to request a sample, please contact Dr. Heiko Haschke (

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